Museum and Heritage

Perfectly positioned. A stroll around the historic Christ Church

A beautiful summer’s Sunday seemed like the perfect time to go for a stroll to explore the historic Christ Church in Taitā, Lower Hutt.

It is the oldest church in the Wellington region, 160 years! On a global scale that might not seem that old but you must remember New Zealand is a relatively young country, the treaty only being signed in 1840.

Unfortunately because we hadn’t called ahead the church itself was locked, but we could freely wander around the idyllic churchyard and the accompanying graveyard. Having nearly died last year, cemeteries can trigger my PTSD, especially seeing as how many women died around my age, childbearing age. I read their gravestones and couldn’t help but think, there by the grace of God go I. Now I may be projecting my own trauma, but I couldn’t help but speculate whether they died from childbirth and it’s related complications. Thank God for modern medical science. People that romanticize the past (anti vaxxers, I’m looking at you) should take a walk around an old graveyard and see how young people where when they died, mostly from what now would be preventable disease.

Instead of being triggered (well only mildly anyway) I found this graveyard so incredibly peaceful. It was filled with mature trees and you could hear the sound of the cicadas, I thought it was a lovely place to have as a final resting place (if you ignored the train tracks that happened to run right behind it) .


It was just a quick visit, as my son was getting cranky and due a nap, but I really look forward to going back and taking a more leisurely stroll around and having a closer look, and maybe even getting to go inside too!




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